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Servo Issues

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by xr2_kid, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. xr2_kid

    xr2_kid New Member

    Jun 13, 2017
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    Hi all,

    This is my 1st post here. I have just purchased my 1st 1/5 scale truck, a Redcat Rampage of course! Im having some issues with my servos and I was hoping I could get some advice. My throttle servo seems to works fine on throttle but when I apply the brake it just goes crazy bouncing back and forth this is with no linkage connected at all. The weird thing is I have just bought a new transmitter and receiver and new servo. This same issue happened with the old servo setup but I thought replacing it all would cure it. Im really confused now unless this is normal, which it doesn't seem to be?? I was planning to replace all these bits anyway as I hear the throttle servos are not great and I wanted to change to the Flysky Gt3b handset and receiver anyway. Please can someone shed some light on whats happening? I have a video of it but im unable to upload it as an attachment Many thanks in advance
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