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How to set failsafe

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  • How to set failsafe

    I just got my truck back together from the last time i ran it and changed a couple of things around, one of them being the throttle servo. I now have the throttle brake setup in the criss cross pattern for better clearance of the hpi filter. I just did my prerun check and realized my failsafe sends the throttle wot. How do i reset it to go the other way. By the way, it is just a simple pico failsafe (i guess thats what theyre called) and has a led indicator and a set button.
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    i wouldn't use the failsafe that came with the truck as they have had a few glitching issues. other peanut failsafes work ok. To set it hold the brake on and depress the little reset button on the failsafe...then check it.
    If you have a handset with a failsafe use that as they're more reliable and then get yourself a pico killswitch for added security


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      i have a 3rd channel kill switch, but no other failsafes than the one i listed


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        Is it a peanut failsafe like the one that comes with the truck? the pico is just a kill switch as you probably know.
        Failsafes will have the reset button so you hold the th/br at the position you want when it kicks in and just hold the reset button down for a few seconds.


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          yeah its the peanut one, i did get it to set thanks for the help